Sunday, March 15, 2009

The trials of pregnancy

...have luckily been limited to incessant urges to pee (even when the tank is empty), perfecting my waddle, and realizing that my width is now narrower than my girth.

So, screw the trials of pregnancy. Instead, I offer you my pregnancy trials.

Now kids (and preggos), don't try this at home. As for me, I've spent way more time hopping around on a bike than, say, jogging. I think I would have been scared shitless to go for a jog while that pregnant, whereas I still felt right at home spinning around on a bike. Go figure.

With around 10 days left to go, I am officially too huge, bulbous, rotund, and the latest adjective addition: nose coney, to do this kind of riding. But, as is the way of life, it's only a matter of time until things change.


schuzamptons said...

You are such a bad ass! I already sent a message to you via Ryan, and I really mean it now! If he didn't give you the message.....ask him what I'd said before seeing this footage!

You are so close, to meeting Slag (yet it probably feels more like so far away)...Hang in there, you'll be riding again...very soon. Then you'll just be dealing with insane sleep deprivation and trying to keep your balance!

cynthia said...

super cute vid! you totally rock!

Moxy (the wiggly one) and her people, Anna and Jason said...

Take that Leech!