Sunday, March 22, 2009

Look at Mah Belly!

I began this blog with the following picture of my belly at 8 weeks, knowing that one day that body would seem like a distant memory.

It turns out, that day is today. Except, instead of feeling like a distant memory, it feels as though that body never really existed and I always have and always will be wearing my squirming yoga ball. It's odd to know that a year from now, my bulbous belly will be just as surreal seeming as the body that could once slip through crowds unnoticed.

Here I am, at 38 weeks - big, bulbous, rotund, huge, and very, very happy to be so.

And finally, it's Preggo Flashdance (with dog)!

As you can tell from my naval nose-cone, the missile is ready to launch. The countdown says we're at three days, but we'll see when Slaggy decides to rear his head which leaves us with one big question:

Will he be born with a pompadour? Or with a pompadour and sideburns?


Revtim said...

Child care ideas from the folks who came up with tentacle porn:

schuzamptons said...

You are awesome! Love the flashdance crack me up!
It's amazing to get your body back- losing the bowling ball weight is a relief. The rest takes a little more time.

brian hawkins said...

be careful! One little pin prick and you might explode!