Sunday, November 23, 2008

Oooh! Stuff!

Even though little Slagathor Megatron III is perfectly happy renting my uterus these days, he's now got his own room too. My desk has left, the crib is up, and we managed to find a toy car rug that really ties the room together. Naturally, the poster of Johnny Cash flipping off the camera is still hanging. It just works so nicely with our "puppies and social discontent" nursery theme.


Sweet baby Jesus there is a lot of stuff out there for babies. It's a little overwhelming to sort through it all. There's stuff you want, stuff the baby actually needs, and a ton of completely useless stuff advertised as "totally and completely necessary for the mental well-being of your child!" (like the Zaky Infant Pillow, because nothing shows a mother's love like creepy disembodied hands).

After strolling through the baby aisles at Target in a total daze of stuff overload, I found myself asking questions I never thought I'd end up asking, like, "Should we get a baby wipe warmer?" Luckily, I was prepared for the lust of consumerism, and came completely unprepared with any form of payment. When I finally shook off the fog of vibrating baby slings and bottle warmers, I realized I had to get my priorities straight on what constituted a true necessity.

Sure, most people would say that diapers are the only universal must have item, but really, who needs diapers when you've got hardwood floors? No, the only real necessity is our sanity.

So, obviously, having a pump track in our backyard has taken top priority. (It's like a teeny tiny BMX track for you non-bike folks)

Now, some people think this is totally impractical and is just our way of pretending that we intended to kill our lawn in less than a year (it turns out those things need watering, whoulda thunk it?) But, really, the pump track will be a great way to blow off steam, sneak in exercise after Slaggy Mega 3 is born, and...uh...okay, mostly is just cool as hell.

As far as the other baby stuff, we're having some problems. Namely, the animals are convinced that we're suddenly dousing them with material love. Kitty is stoked that we've finally gotten her a bed that prevents Boudreau from screwing with her while she's sleeping.

On the other hand, she hasn't scratched our faces off in our sleep for using her as a test dummy. So I guess we're equal.

Meanwhile, Boudreau is finding it very difficult to differentiate between his colorful, squeaky, and slobbery dog toys and the new onslaught of colorful, squeaky and slobbery baby toys.

Ahh, sweet, sweet, stuff.


dwight moody said...

The vibrating baby seat was the only non-living thing on which my daughter would sit without crying for the first 6 months of her life.

I thought it was silly as heck when someone gave it to us. Then I began to worship it as a if it were Kuan Yin incarnate.

Steve said...

Dwight is indeed wise. The vibrating baby seat or the baby swing is gold.

Looking forward to someday meeting this little person. Come on up to Canuckistan and I'll introduce him to my daughter!

Dave said...

Looking good Kristin!

RE: Wipe warmers.

We had one. Then Mrs. DHDave read that they were a fire hazard so we got rid of it. That was fine. A little fussing from the kid, no big deal. Now she is old enough to say, and make sure you draw it out and make it as pathetic as possible, "cooolllld" when wiping her pooter. I figure the hardship will speed up the potty training process but it's damn hard to not go dig the wipe warmer out of the mountain of no longer used baby goods in the basement.

Jody said...

Funny- neither Bella nor Griffin dug the swing or bouncer chair. I think they were freaks of nature on that front though....never even gave a thought to the wipe warmer, which I guess is cruel. Somehow they both survived. My kids liked the activity mats on the floor.

TallahasseeTrails said...

Cat & DB,
Keep the dog slobbering all over the baby toys. Helps immunize him the way the Great Bacon God intended.
Hey, I'm so happy for you guys. Now that looks like a proper family.
Love from Tallahassee,
Trail Gnome's home

Ali said...

Cats are a lot happier in cribs than babies are, anyway. We never used ours. It became a stuffed animal/cat hair repository.